Jackie Robinson's Family

     Jackie Robinson married Rachel Isum in 1946. They had three children, Jackie Jr., Sharon, and David Robinson. Jackie Jr.(born in 1946) fought in the army, but got into drugs when he returned. While in Rehab he was involved in a car accident and died around the age of 25 in 1971. Sharon(born in 1950) had a successful life.She got divorced twice and became a nurse for a short period of time. Then she became a mom to Jesse Robinson(her son). She was a single parent, but became an author she became an auther and wrote a few books about her father, Jackie Robinson. David(born in 1952) has had a succesful life and has changed lives of farmers in Tanzania, by helping them raise the price of their coffee from 32 cents per pound to 53 cents.This is something David and his dad have in common, changing the lives of people.